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2018 Show - Educational Videos:

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Tony Zhou - Hoston International

Security with zippers, TSA locks, 8-way wheels spinning, smart luggage with USB port and built in scale.

Daniel Gunnarsson - Epic Travel Gear

Warranty - full armour, 7 years. removable lining to clean and last longer.

Diana Arn - SBO Secrid

Protecting identity and security, holds 4 or up to 8 cards with magnetic strip to store safely without falling out. Many colours available.

Emily Tobar and Melanie Cournoyer - Beside-U Bags

Travel, lifestyle brand of bags. RFID pocket, locking zipper, rip stop material what does that mean, security whistle.

Mark Mosoff - Hontus Milano

Mark is talking about buying luggage and things to consider including a unique feature on retractable wheels.

Leah Sutton - Dream Duffel Canada

Garment bag organizing tips, folds down to a shoulder bag while keeping clothes from creasing.

Ikram Ali – Jump

Using 4 wheels properly to ensure losing integrity of bags. TSA locks using 998 to unlock, expandability feature - don't keep unzipped after use. Tips for a bag lasing a long time.

Emily Tobar - Osgoode Marley

Different types of leather bags - Argentinian leather; oil pulled leather - distress leather.

Adam Abdulrahman – ReturnMe

Lost & found of your valuables - protection tag for safe return of your belongings.

John Smith – Travelon

Travel easier & safer; wires built into strap and bag, locking zipper pulls, rfid protection.

James Brookes - Lightspeed POS

Support local business. Shop local online shopping - give back to your community and economy.